How to Fix WHEA Uncorrectable Error (Step by Step Guide)

How to Fix WHEA Uncorrectable Error (Step by Step Guide)

The WHEA Uncorrectable Error is a distressing issue experienced by many computer users. Understanding this error and its origins is crucial in effectively resolving it.

A. Understanding WHEA Uncorrectable Error

WHEA stands for Windows Hardware Error Architecture, an error reporting and handling mechanism within Windows. This error indicates a hardware issue that the system can’t rectify on its own.

Causes of the Error

The WHEA Uncorrectable Error commonly occurs due to both hardware and software problems.

A. Hardware Issues

Hardware failures like overheating, faulty RAM, or a failing hard drive can trigger this error.

B. Software Glitches

Outdated or incompatible drivers, corrupted system files, or problematic software installations can also lead to this error.


When encountering this error, basic and advanced troubleshooting steps can be employed to resolve it.

A. Basic Solutions

Simple measures like restarting your computer, checking for updates, and running system diagnostics can often resolve minor instances of this error.

B. Advanced Methods

Advanced troubleshooting involves checking hardware connections, updating drivers, and conducting memory or disk checks.

Step-by-Step Fix

To resolve the WHEA Uncorrectable Error, a step-by-step guide can be followed.

A. Preparatory Steps

Before delving into the fix, backing up important data and ensuring a stable power source is vital.

B. Step-by-Step Guide

Step one involves accessing Safe Mode, followed by updating or reinstalling problematic drivers and conducting hardware checks.

Prevention Tips

Maintaining system health can prevent future occurrences of this error.

A. Maintaining System Health

Regularly updating drivers, keeping the system free from malware, and monitoring hardware conditions can significantly reduce the likelihood of the WHEA Uncorrectable Error.


Q: Can overheating cause the WHEA Uncorrectable Error?

A: Yes, overheating can lead to this error due to stress on hardware components.

Q: Is the WHEA Uncorrectable Error fixable by a non-technical person?

A: Some basic troubleshooting steps can be performed by non-technical individuals, but advanced fixes may require technical expertise.

Q: How frequently does this error occur?

A: The frequency varies based on system health and usage, but it commonly occurs due to specific hardware or software issues.

Q: Are all instances of the WHEA Uncorrectable Error serious?

A: While some may resolve with basic steps, certain instances might indicate critical hardware failures, necessitating immediate attention.

Q: Can updating software prevent this error?

A: Yes, updating drivers and software can significantly reduce the likelihood of encountering the WHEA Uncorrectable Error by fixing potential compatibility issues.


In conclusion, understanding the WHEA Uncorrectable Error and employing both basic and advanced troubleshooting methods can help users effectively resolve this issue.

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