How to Fix ALT GR Not Working on Windows 10 [2023]

How to Fix ALT GR Not Working on Windows 10 [2023]

The ALT GR key on Windows 10 keyboards plays a significant role in accessing special characters and symbols. However, encountering issues where ALT GR fails to function properly can be frustrating. This article aims to provide insights into understanding ALT GR, reasons behind its malfunction on Windows 10, troubleshooting methods, advanced fixes, and ways to enhance its functionality.

Understanding ALT GR Functionality

What is ALT GR?

ALT GR, short for Alternate Graphic, is a modifier key found on Windows keyboards. It allows users to input special characters, such as €, @, or ~, by combining it with other keys.

How it Differs from Other Keyboard Functions

Unlike the ALT or CTRL keys, ALT GR is specifically designed to access characters, especially prevalent in European keyboards, enabling users to type symbols and characters not commonly found on standard layouts.

Reasons Behind ALT GR Not Working on Windows 10

Software Glitches

Frequent software updates or glitches can impact the functionality of the ALT GR key. Incompatibilities between the operating system and installed software might disrupt its operation.

Keyboard Settings

Incorrect keyboard settings or language configurations may interfere with the proper functioning of ALT GR.

Driver Issues

Outdated or corrupted keyboard drivers can significantly affect the performance of ALT GR on Windows 10.

Troubleshooting ALT GR Issues

Restart Your Computer

A simple restart can sometimes resolve temporary glitches affecting the ALT GR key.

Check Keyboard Settings

Verify and adjust keyboard settings within the Windows Control Panel to ensure they align with your preferred language and layout.

Update Keyboard Drivers

Update or reinstall keyboard drivers from the Device Manager to rectify issues associated with outdated or corrupted drivers.

Advanced Fixes for ALT GR Not Working

Registry Editor Adjustments

Advanced users can modify the Windows Registry to rectify specific ALT GR issues. However, caution is advised as improper modifications can impact system stability.

Using System File Checker

The System File Checker tool can scan and repair corrupted system files that might be causing ALT GR malfunctions.

Creating a New User Account

Creating a new user profile can sometimes address keyboard-related issues, providing a fresh environment for the ALT GR key to function correctly.

Enhancing ALT GR Functionality

Keyboard Shortcuts and Alternatives

Explore alternative key combinations and shortcuts to input special characters in case of persistent ALT GR issues.

Third-Party Software Solutions

Consider using third-party software that offers customizable keyboard functions and character inputs to work around ALT GR complications.


Why does my ALT GR key input different characters?

When the ALT GR key inputs different characters than expected, it might be due to language or keyboard layout settings. Ensure that the correct language and keyboard layout are selected in the settings. If the issue persists, there might be software conflicts or a need for driver updates.

Is it necessary to restart my computer when ALT GR stops working?

Restarting your computer is a simple and often effective method to resolve temporary glitches with the ALT GR key. It allows the system to refresh and might resolve minor issues affecting its functionality.

Can hardware issues cause ALT GR malfunction?

While it’s rare, hardware issues can potentially cause ALT GR malfunctions. However, most issues are usually software-related. To rule out hardware problems, you can try using a different keyboard to see if the ALT GR key works properly.

Are there any alternative keys for inputting special characters if ALT GR is not functioning?

Yes, there are alternative methods to input special characters if the ALT GR key isn’t working. For instance, using the Windows Character Map or specific key combinations without the ALT GR key might help input special characters until the issue is resolved.

Should I be cautious while modifying the Windows Registry for ALT GR issues?

Yes, it’s crucial to exercise caution when editing the Windows Registry. Making incorrect changes in the Registry can affect the overall system stability and functionality. It’s recommended to create a backup or seek guidance from reliable sources before modifying the Registry.


In conclusion, troubleshooting ALT GR not working on Windows 10 involves understanding the key’s functionality, identifying potential issues, and applying appropriate solutions. By following the outlined methods, users can potentially resolve ALT GR malfunctions, ensuring a seamless typing experience.

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