Center for Counseling and Family Therapy

Center for Counseling and Family Therapy

The Center for Counseling and Family Therapy has been a resource for people and families in the St. Louis region since 1993 as they navigate life changes.


The Center for Counseling and Family Therapy offers counselling and outreach services at reasonable costs to give people the confidence they need to take on life’s challenges. Anybody in need at Saint Louis University and around the metropolitan St. Louis region can access counselling services.

The Center for Counseling and Family Therapy combined with three other clinics in the College of Public Service to form the Paul C. Reinert, S.J., Clinics, which was made possible by a grant from the Danforth Foundation.

Paul Reinert, S.J., a former president of Saint Louis University, had a vision to “…prepare students for the real world and give them a sense of obligation to not avoid problems, but to find solutions for them.” The Reinert Clinics were made possible by a $1 million gift from an anonymous donor who wanted to honour that vision. Not just skill, but also morality.

The mission of Saint Louis University, which includes a statement that the school “maintains and encourages programmes that link the university and its resources to its local, national, and international communities in support of efforts to alleviate ignorance, poverty, injustice, and hunger, to extend compassionate care to the ill and needy, is consistent with the goals of the centre for counselling and family therapy.

Areas Addressed in Therapy

Depressive illnesses (major depression, depression due to medical conditions).

  • Anxiety conditions (generalized anxiety disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, phobias, panic disorder)
  • Life stress and adjustment problems
  • problems associated with trauma
  • problems caused by alcohol and drugs
  • disorders of eating (anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder)
  • Couples counselling (communication, conflict, St Louis mental health intimacy and sexual issues, finances, couples on the brink of divorce)
  • disordered hyperactivity and attention deficit (ADHD)
  • Autism spectrum disease and associated developmental problems in children
  • LGBTQ communities
  • discussions of diversity in families
  • parental problems
  • providing for a family member with a chronic illness
  • long-term treatment for health/lifestyle concerns (smoking cessation, management of diabetes, coping with chronic pain)

Therapists at C.C.F.T.

The master’s and doctorate interns in the programme who work as therapists at C.C.F.T. Throughout their term in the programme, all students are under the supervision of state- and A.A.M.F.T.-approved supervisors. With a rigorous curriculum and clinical training, therapists provide the community high-quality therapy services.

Costs for Therapy

The Center for Counseling and Family Therapy offers community members high-quality counselling at a reasonable cost. The cost of treatment is discussed with the therapist during the initial visit and is based on the number of dependents living in the home as well as the yearly household income. Clients may be given a sliding scale charge, which must first be agreed upon with their therapist and is determined by need and situation.

Customers can make payments using cash, checks, or credit cards. Payment for online sessions is required at the following link:

Format for Therapy

Depending on the client’s preferences and presenting concerns, we provide three different therapeutic formats. There are appointment times available for 30- or 60-minute virtual sessions (phone and video):

  • Individual therapy sessions are held at Morrissey Hall, our on-campus clinic.
  • Clients participating in video sessions will require a functional tablet, laptop, or PC.
  • Clients may utilise a landline or a mobile phone for phone sessions.

Who is Eligible?

The Center for Counseling and Family Therapy offers services to any person, couple, or family that desires therapy or referrals.

Who Are the Therapists?

Doctoral and master’s level students at Saint Louis University’s Medical Family Therapist near me Therapy Department presently offer therapy. All therapists are overseen by academic members who hold professional licences.

The Memory Clinic, a comprehensive care service that caters to the requirements of people with dementia and their families, is another service offered by The Center for Counseling and Family Therapy. On Mondays, the Memory Clinic is open from 8 am to 1 pm.

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