50+ Ammesive Urdu Quotes That Will Touch Your Hearts 

50+ Ammesive Urdu Quotes That Will Touch Your Hearts 

Welcome to the mesmerizing world of Urdu quotes! 

Urdu is a wonderful language known for its poetic expression and rich literary heritage. 

The Urdu quotes you’ll discover here are filled with beautiful words and captivating comparisons that can inspire, enlighten, and deeply touch our hearts.

Let’s join us on this Journey. 

Urdu Quotes

  1. “Dil ko behlaye rakho, khayalat ka shor hai.”
  2. “Dil mein basi hai teri yaad, ab kaise bhool jayen?”
  3. “Mohabbat karo toh ishq ki tarah, majboor na karo.”
  4. “Zindagi ki asal khoobsurti lamhon mein chhupi hoti hai.”
  5. “Duniya mein jahan bhi jao, apne dil ki suno.”
  6. “Dil se roya jata hai, aankhon se nahi.”
  7. “Mohabbat ki qadar karo, taqdeer badal jati hai.”
  8. “Kabhi kabhi zindagi ka sabak aankhon se zyada dil se milta hai.”
  9. “Waqt sabka guzar jata hai, magar kuch lamhe yaadon mein jeete hain.”
  10. “Zindagi mein kamiyaab hone ke liye sabse pehle khud ko maan lo.”
  11. “Dil ki gehraiyon mein chhupi khushiyan hi zindagi ko rangeen banati hain.”
  12. “Zindagi mein khush rehna seekho, musibat khud hi durr ho jayegi.”
  13. “Mohabbat karna seekho, shart nahi lagayi jati.”
  14. “Muskurate raho, duniya aap se khush ho jayegi.”
  15. “Dil se jude hue rishtey hamesha paas rehte hain.”
  16. “Dil ki baat samajhne wale kam hote hain, samjhe wale hazaar hote hain.”
  17. “Zindagi chhoti hai, khush rehne ka mauka khud banayein.”
  18. “Acha insan banne ki koshish karo, duniya khud ba khud aapke paas aayegi.”
  19. “Dil ko saf karne ke liye kisi ka samay mat barbaad karo.”
  20. “Zindagi mein kuch khona pade, tabhi samajh mein aata hai kya paaya hai.”
  21. “Mohabbat mein sabr rakho, ek din woh aapke paas ayega.”
  22. “Dil ko hamesha achhe vichaar se bharo, woh rangin bante hain.”
  23. “Zindagi ek safar hai, aur har mod pe naya sangeet gao.”
  24. “Mohabbat mein dil se jeeto, nahi toh sirf rishton ka hisaab chukao ge.”
  25. “Dil ki awaz suno, woh hamesha sahi raasta dikhayegi.”
  26. “Zindagi mein samjhdari se kaam lo, andhera roz savera hota hai.”
  27. “Dil mein jalan hai, par muskurahat se bhara hai chehra.”
  28. “Mohabbat mein khona mat, wohi tumhe asli khushi degi.”
  29. “Dil ko sachai se pyaar karo, jhooth se rishte bikhar jate hain.”
  30. “Zindagi mein hamesha aage badho, peeche mudkar koi nahi jita.”
  31. “Dil se dua karo, woh kabhi adhoori nahi rehti.”
  32. “Zindagi mein musibaton ka samna karo, wohi aapko mazboot banati hain.”
  33. “Mohabbat mein imtihaan lena padta hai, par safar khoobsurat hota hai.”
  34. “Dil ko samjho, woh hamesha sahi faisla karta hai.”
  35. “Zindagi ko hamesha khushnuma rang do, woh khud hi khush reh jayegi.”
  36. “Mohabbat mein khud ko khoya mat, wohi tumhe asli shaksiyat degi.”
  37. “Dil ki gehraiyon mein chhupi dard bhari baatein keval kuch shayaron ko samajh aati hain.”
  38. “Zindagi mein safalta paane ke liye mehnat aur dua dono zaruri hain.”
  39. “Mohabbat mein wafadari ka rishta hamesha nibhaya jata hai.”
  40. “Dil se socho, wohi aapko sahi raasta dikhayega.”
  41. “Zindagi ek khwaab hai, aur aap hi uska khuda hai.”
  42. “Mohabbat mein sachchai ka ehsaas hamesha hota hai.”
  43. “Dil ko hamesha ummeed se bharo, woh chamak uthega.”
  44. “Zindagi ek khel hai, aur jeetne ka maza tab aata hai jab haarne ka khauf nahi hota.”
  45. “Mohabbat mein sab kuch khone ka risk liya jata hai, par jeetne ka bhi mauka milta hai.”
  46. “Dil ki boli ko samjho, wohi tumhe asli raah dikhayegi.”
  47. “Zindagi mein har mod par naya saath chunna seekho.”
  48. “Mohabbat mein dhoka nahi, bharosa hona chahiye.”
  49. “Dil ko hamesha khush rakhne ka tarika seekho, woh hamesha sath dega.”
  50. “Zindagi mein asli khushiyan toh chhoti chhoti cheezon mein chhupi hoti hain.”

Enjoy these Urdu quotes, and may they bring inspiration and joy to your life!

What are Urdu quotes?

Urdu quotes are expressions of wisdom, emotions, and life lessons conveyed in the Urdu language. They encompass poetic verses, proverbs, and insightful sayings that offer profound insights and inspiration.

Why are Urdu quotes so popular?

Urdu quotes have gained popularity due to their eloquence, poetic beauty, and ability to touch the depths of human emotions. They offer a unique perspective on life, love, and spirituality, resonating with people from various cultures.

Are Urdu quotes only limited to poetry?

No, Urdu quotes extend beyond poetry. While Urdu poetry is renowned for its evocative verses, Urdu quotes also include proverbs and philosophical sayings that encapsulate profound wisdom and practical life lessons.

Can you provide some examples of famous Urdu quotes?

Certainly! Here are a few examples:

“Dil se jo baat nikalti hai, asar rakhti hai” (What comes from the heart, leaves an impact).

“Zindagi ek safar hai suhana, yahan kal kya ho kisne jaana” (Life is a beautiful journey, who knows what tomorrow holds).

“Mohabbat karne wale kam na honge, teri mehfil mein lekin hum na honge” (There may be fewer people who truly love, but I won’t be present in your gathering).

How can I find and explore more Urdu quotes?

You can discover Urdu quotes in books, online websites, and social media platforms. There are numerous resources available where you can explore the works of famous Urdu poets and discover new quotes that resonate with you.

Can I use Urdu quotes in my daily life or social media posts?

Absolutely! Urdu quotes can add depth and beauty to your daily life and social media content. They can be used as captions, reflections, or even as sources of inspiration for personal growth and self-reflection.


Urdu quotes, often referred to as branded poetry, possess a captivating allure that entices and compels individuals to explore their beauty further. With their profound wisdom, evocative emotions, and timeless expressions, 

Urdu quotes have the power to draw visitors into the enchanting world of Urdu literature. Whether seeking inspiration, solace, or a deeper connection with the language, embracing Urdu quotes is an invitation to embark on a poetic journey that will leave an indelible impression. 

So, delve into the realm of Urdu quotes and allow their branded poetry to ignite your curiosity and lead you towards a deeper appreciation of this exquisite art form.

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