traction meaning in telugu

Traction Meaning In Telugu

Traction Meaning in Telugu


With the growing influence of technology and the increasing importance of communication, it has become essential to understand terms in various languages. In this article, we will explore the Telugu meaning of the term “traction.”

Traction Meaning in Telugu

In Telugu, “traction” is translated as “గతివిధి” (gatividhi). The word can be broken down as “గతి” (gati) meaning “motion” or “movement” and “విధి” (vidhi) meaning “procedure” or “process.” Therefore, “గతివిధి” (gatividhi) refers to the process of gaining motion or momentum.

Importance of Understanding Traction

Understanding the meaning of “traction” in Telugu is crucial, especially in fields like engineering, mechanics, and healthcare. Traction plays a vital role in these industries as it refers to the application of force or pressure to create motion, tension or grip.


In conclusion, the Telugu meaning of “traction” is “గతివిధి” (gatividhi). By understanding this term, we can effectively communicate and navigate various technical fields in Telugu. Whether you are discussing engineering, mechanics, or healthcare, having a grasp of “traction” in Telugu will undoubtedly enhance your ability to engage with others in a proficient and meaningful way.