track meaning in telugu

Track Meaning In Telugu


Telugu, one of the major South Indian languages, is widely spoken by the people of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. It is a beautiful language with rich literature and a huge vocabulary. If you are wondering about the meaning of the English word “track” in Telugu, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will explore the translation and various interpretations of the word “track” in Telugu.

Exploring the Meaning of “Track” in Telugu

In Telugu, the word “track” can be translated as “పాద్యం” (pādyaṁ) or “మార్గం” (mārgaṁ). Both these words highlight different aspects of the English word “track.” “పాద్యం” refers to a literal track or path, often used in the context of roads, trails, or rail tracks. On the other hand, “మార్గం” is a more versatile word that can also mean a route, course, or direction. This interpretation captures the concept of a track in terms of a planned or predetermined path, such as the track of a train or even the track of a conversation.


Understanding the meaning of the English word “track” in Telugu can enhance your language skills and help you communicate more effectively with Telugu speakers. Whether you are referring to a literal track or using the term metaphorically, such as in the case of a life track or a career track, the translations “పాద్యం” (pādyaṁ) and “మార్గం” (mārgaṁ) provide you with appropriate options. So, the next time you need to use the word “track” in Telugu, you can confidently choose the most fitting translation based on the context.