track meaning in marathi

Track Meaning In Marathi


In the vast and diverse world of languages, Marathi is one of the prominent Indian languages, with a rich cultural heritage. Understanding the meaning of words in Marathi can be intriguing and enlightening for language enthusiasts. One such word is “track,” which has its unique significance in Marathi.

The Meaning of Track in Marathi

In Marathi, the term “track” is commonly known as ट्रॅक (pronounced as “track”). This word is borrowed from English and has been seamlessly integrated into the Marathi language. The Marathi meaning of track refers to a path or route that is used for various purposes, such as travel, transportation, or movement. It implies a designated pathway or way that helps people navigate or reach their desired destination.

Usage and Significance

The Marathi word “ट्रॅक” (track) finds its application in various contexts. For instance, it is commonly used to refer to a railway track, which facilitates the smooth movement of trains. Similarly, in the context of sports or athletics, the term “track” signifies an oval-shaped racing surface, usually found in sports stadiums, where athletes compete in running events.


Exploring different languages and their meanings can be a fascinating journey. The Marathi term “ट्रॅक” (track) holds its own significance and usage within the language. From railway tracks to athletic tracks, it serves as a versatile word that encapsulates the notion of a designated path or route. By understanding such linguistic nuances, we not only gain a deeper appreciation for diverse cultures but also broaden our perspective on the power of language to convey meaning.