trachea meaning in telugu

Trachea Meaning In Telugu


The trachea is an essential part of the respiratory system, commonly known as the windpipe. It is a tube-like structure that connects the larynx, or voice box, to the bronchi in the lungs. With its main role being the transportation of air, the trachea is a vital organ for breathing.

Trachea: Meaning in Telugu

In Telugu, the trachea is known as “Gadaparuvu.” The term “Gada” refers to the throat, while “Paruvu” represents a tube or canal. Together, “Gadaparuvu” encompasses the concept of the windpipe or trachea in Telugu. Language has always played a significant role in understanding and communicating about various parts of the body.

Functions of the Trachea

The trachea serves several important functions in the respiratory system. Firstly, it allows the passage of air from the nasal cavity and mouth to the lungs. The air we inhale travels through the trachea to reach the alveoli in the lungs, where oxygen exchange occurs. The trachea also helps in the process of phonation, allowing us to produce sounds by controlling the flow of air through the vocal cords.


Understanding the meaning of “Gadaparuvu” in Telugu helps individuals effectively communicate about the trachea in their native language. The trachea plays a crucial role in respiration and enables us to breathe and vocalize. By learning about different body parts in multiple languages, we can foster better communication and awareness about our own anatomy.